Friday, April 30, 2010

UPPAbaby Baby Stroller Designed for Use With Infant Up To 50 lb. Child

Did you know that your UPPAbaby Baby Stroller is designed to be used from infancy up until your child weighs 50 lbs?

Here's how it works...

UPPAbaby Baby Strollers come with a bassinet. During your child's infancy, you will use the bassinet with the stroller. You can use the bassinet up until your child weights 20 lbs. When your child is able to lift themselves up (or when they reach 20 lbs), you will then use the toddler seat for your child.

Of course, you can also use the toddler seat with an infant if you prefer; however, you don't have to do that since the stroller comes with a bassinet for infants.

You can use the toddler seat with your child up to the weight of 50 lbs.

So, no need to worry about how long you can use the stroller. The UPPAbaby Baby Strollers are designed to last through the years with your child, from infancy up to the weight of 50 lbs.

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